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CE Mark Consultancy
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What We Do

This is what we do, we do it well and have achieved compliance for many m,anufacturers and importers across the globe who wish to import their products into Europe.

Assess your machine and its documentation, and complete the necessary safety exercises with you, such as a "Safety Hazard Assessment" and carry out a review under the "Essential Health & Safety Requirements". (essential for example, under the Machinery Directive (98/37/EC Old Directive) new directive 2006/42/EC.

Compile a Technical File enclosing all the relevant documentation. (To be retained for 10 years by the manufacturer).

Create technical drawings (if not available from the manufacturer)

Research the appropriate European/British standards

Provide specialist testing facilities to the appropriate BS/EU standards, for product type, noise, vibration, electrical, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), electrical consumer products etc.

Undertake recorded tests on the machine by applying the appropriate conformity assessment procedure.

Provide an EC declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation for the manufacturer to sign at the satisfactory completion of the assessment exercise.

Liaise directly with the manufacturer if necessary, e.g. if you are an importer

Ensure the correct CE marking is properly affixed (unless a declaration of incorporation has been issued).

Obtain competitive quotes from "Approved Bodies" where "third part" testing is required

Ensure with you that the machine is in fact SAFE

Give us a call to see how we can halp you and provide an efficient, competent fast and flexible service

CE Mark Consultancy is the trading name of CE Mark Technical Services Ltd. Registered in England No: 12389827.
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