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Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998

Here at CE Mark Consultancy we deliver specialist PUWER Assessment Services, the main areas for assessment considered under PUWER are shown below.

Many consultants out there will not tell you what you need to do, but we are DIFFERENT, we identify throughout our web site the protocols and requirements you need to meet to ensure PUWER compliance can be demonstrated.


The integrity of the work undertaken must be assessed under the appropriate UK Regulations in forces and the European Community Directives and Euro Norms as shown below

Machinery Directive
Low Voltage Directive
EMC Directive

European Norms
EN 12100 Parts 1 & 2 Mechanical Safety for Machinery
EN 60204 Part 1 Electrical Safety for Machinery
EN 61000 Series Electromagnetic Compatibility for Industrial Environments

Usage of the Equipment

Consideration must be given to where the equipment is used

Purpose of the Equipment

The Purpose of this Use

Maintenance and Operation

Operation and control of any Maintenance requirements are equally important


Inspection requirements may also need to be incorporated into the installation and operating procedures and systems

Specific Risks

Identifying the Specific Risks should then be based on sound risk assessment principles and guidance Euro Norms may be useful in this respect such as EN 1050, Risk Assessment for Machinery

Information & Instructions

Many systems we assess have very poor information and instructions for use, this is no less important than identifying specific risks.


Most training delivered today deals with generic topics which have little practical value in terms of understanding how machines operate safely. We only deliver added value training which is specific for the equipment or machinery.

Conformity with Community Requirements

Perhaps the most neglected area of compliance with PUWER is CE Marking, we see many examples of equipment which is either illegally CE Marked or non-compliant.

The basic elements of CE Marking are not well understood by equipment purchasers, who are generally concerned with cost benefit, rather than fit-for-purpose use.

We provide expert assistance in this field, either Self Certification Schemes or full CE Compliance Management

Other areas needing assessment are

• High or Low Temperatures
• Isolation from energy sources
• Stability
• Lighting
• Marking
• Warnings

For expert assessment under PUWER please contact us to see how we can assist you, we have successfully managed mainstream manufacturer PUWER Audits and provide specialist integrated process line compliance integration.

We have developed a fast and efficient way of establishing your PUWER Compliance and then deliver a comprehensive on-going management regime, which you can easily mange yourself or we can delever annual audits of your facilities to ensure continued campliance.

Pleasse give us a call to see how we can assist you

CE Mark Consultancy is the trading name of CE Mark Technical Services Ltd. Registered in England No: 12389827.
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