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Non-CE Marking Directives

Product Liability amended by 85/374/EEC, 99/34/EC
General Product Safety (GPSD) 92/59/EEC
Marine safety equipment 96/98/EC
Safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres 1999/92/EC
Batteries and accumulators 91/157/EEC
Packaging and packaging waste 94/62/EC
Compressors 84/533/EEC
Energy labeling (framework) 92/75/EEC, 97/17/EEC
Tower cranes 84/534/EEC
Welding generators 84/535/EEC
Power generators 84/536/EEC
Concrete breaker 84/537/EEC
Lawnmowers 84/538/EEC
Earth-moving machines 86/6221/EEC, 95/27/EEC
Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE)
Noise emission by outdoor equipment 2000/14/EC

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