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CE Marking Machinery - Machinery Directive 06/42/EC

We at CE Mark Consultancy offer comprehensive Machinery Risk Assessment and Training Service, giving advice and guidance on National and International standards for Risk Assessment.

Addressing each machine, demonstrating conformity or non-conformity and establishing the control methodology along with recommendations of control methods based on relevant

Our Risk Assessment methodology is based on a Preliminary Hazard Analysis placing risk in a clearly definable hazard category.

Delivering a compliance report for demonstration of conformity against the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

We have given below a number of specific projects we have assisted manufacturers with to create their Technical File, udertake a full risk assessment and hazard analysis and sucessflly CE Mark their machinery and equipment
Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Machinery Directive risk assessment and full Technical Files

Theae machines were manufacturered and assembled on our clients site, each was assessed for specifc hazards and a full risk assessment produced, with recommendations to demonstrate compliance to the Machinery Directive, integrating the requirements for Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998) was also part of the brief to ensure all personnel were appropriately trained and the machines were entered into services as soon as possible

One of several concrete lintel vacuum lifting machines CE Marked
Fluoropolymer Autocoating System

Our client required his machine to be independently veried for CE Compliance to satisfy their client needs, we reviewed the machine, created a full hazard analysis and risk assessment to the Machinery Directive and advised on the creation of a suitable Technical File.

Using our compliance assessment regime and CE Marking Scheme we assess meachinery using a full, active risk methodology, our strategy is always to assess risk in a pragmatic way, based on the former EN1050 Risk Assessment standard.

Pre and Post Risk Assessment is always a feature of our CE Marking Scheme, generating the relevant protection measures employed by the machine designers.

Process Machinery - CE Marking and PUWE Assessment

We have developed a unique integrated system for new and old machinery, where these are present in large scale production facilities, our brief was to deliver the CE Marking of a complete process line, which incorporated some pre-CE Marking machines.

From this we developed our system to integrate the requirements under the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998) and the European Machine Safety Regulations several years ago and have sucessflly employed this for many of the major prodcuers across the UK and Europe.

Please contact us to see how we can assist you in managing these large scale facilities

Fully integrated CE Marking and PUWER Assessment for a continuous process bottling line for a major drinks manufacturer
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliance assessment and CE Marking
Application of The Pressure Equipment Directive

The application of the Pressure Equipment 97/23/EC to large scale complex installations has always been difficult, we have successfully assisted one of the worlds largest manufacturers in the US to deliver a full PED Compliance strategy, liaising with their chosen Notfied Body, and delivering a full compliance regime for an entire Power Station loacted in Ireland.

From this we further developed their CE Marking strategy for their mobile 300 Mwat power systems used across the globe, their sucess has been remarkable in demonstrating compliance of their system to some of the most stringent compliance authorities across the world.

Our client, one of the worlds largest engineering companies, was struggling with the implementation of the Pressure Equipment 97/23/EC
Forestry and Agricutlural Machinery

Agricultural equipment often needs graet care in the application of the Machinery Directive, as they can be very dangerous machines, we have delivered many projects for manufacturers of such machinery from smal scale producers to large multi-national corporations.

Please contact us to see how we can assist you

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliance assessment and CE Marking
Industry base and Security Clearance

We work with many clients across the whole gambit of industry assisting them in the application of the machinery directive, we have worked in some of the most security sensitive industries and are fully vetted for even the most secure facilities.

Our experience and training covers every area of compliance.

We help machine manufacturers and importers from around the world to CE Mark their machines, products, processes and systems.

Following the requirements of the main EU Directives such as, Machinery Directive, EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, ATEX Directive and many more European Machine Safety Legislation.

www.cemark.co.uk covers United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and Europe. Contact us for excellent CE Mark Advisory Service and CE marking.

www.cemark.co.uk - CE marking consultancy offers you puwer advisers. CE marking helps your business grow by maintaining European machine safety legislation and management training

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