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Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998

Here at CE Mark Consultancy we deliver specialist PUWER Assessment Services, for some of the Europes largest manufacturers; providing effective assessment and implementation of the requirements of the PUWER Regulations.

Many consultants out there will not tell you what you need to do; or expect you to purchase expensive preparitory software to undertake the assessment, but we are DIFFERENT, we identify throughout our web site the protocols and requirements you need to meet to ensure PUWER compliance can be demonstrated and deliver all the services required.

For expert assessment under PUWER please contact us to see how we can assist you, we have successfully managed mainstream manufacturer PUWER Audits and provide specialist integrated process line compliance integration.

We have developed a fast and efficient way of establishing your PUWER Compliance and then deliver a comprehensive on-going management regime, which you can easily mange yourself or we can delever annual audits of your facilities to ensure continued campliance.

What We do?

Firstly we undertake a full audit of your facility, covering all areas of PUWER Compliance

We then break down your compliance assessment into risk areas.

High Risk

Dangerous Machinery forms the main high risk areas in many businesses, this machinery is usually modified and maintained on a regular basis, which menas re-assessment may be necessary quite frequently as these machines age, our system fully integrates the risk management of these areas and provides a simple, yet robust risk assessment methodology to easily manage rapidly changing process machinery and systems

Medium Risk

The general day-to-day machines and equipment used in many process facilities rarely changes over time, such as the utility systems, boiler rooms, conveyance systems, which although mau exhibit signifcant risk they are more easily maintained and managed, our risk model allows for rapid assessment where these machines and systems change.

Low Risk

There are a myriad os systems and equipment which present risk, but may be considered to be low risk, such as information technology systems, portable equipment and ancillary equipment, we have developed simple methods to assess these and maintain them within the PUWER Regulations effectively.

What we delver?

Once the audit is complete we deliver a full hard copy documented PUWER Audit, along with full softcopy, easily managed and full under your control, risk management spreadsheets.

There are no software licence issues so you are free to develop them to suit your needs, and they are very flexible to accommodate any changes in your business processes or facility, cross platform compatibility using Micro-Soft Excel allows for easly integration into your current systems.

We firmly believe that these audits are your property and your should have full control of how they are created and used, and not be tied to cumbersome preparitory software systems, therefore no ongoing licencing issues will hold you back from continuously applying their structure and risk models.

Pleasse give us a call to see how we can assist you

CE Mark Consultancy is the trading name of CE Mark Technical Services Ltd. Registered in England No: 12389827.
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