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Risk and Hazard analysis assessments can be complex issue based assessment required to ensure compliance with the relevant EHSR's of the appropriate Directives, our methodology is given below, feel free yo use this if you wish

Hazard A hazard can be defined as something with the inherent potential to cause harm or injury.
Risk Risk can be defined as the likelihood of harm or injury arising from a hazard.


a) Correctly and accurately identifies a hazard.
b) Disregards inconsequential risks and trivial risks.
c) Determines the likelihood of injury or harm rising.
d) Quantifies the severity of the consequence.
e) Takes into account any control measures
f) Identifies any special legal duty or requirement relating to the hazard.

HAZARD RATING A "Hazard Rating" may be attributed to each identified hazard, and is the effect of "Severity" multiplied by the "Frequency (likelihood) of Occurrence".


1 - 2 No action required
3 - 4 Warning required on machine and in Operating Manual. Guard or control may be required to minimise occurrence.
5 - 9 Introduce guarding and/or control to eliminate or reduce hazard and apply warning label.
>10 Design change to eliminate hazard and re-assess rating.

Severity (Rated 1-8)

1 - Minor No real effect on the operator, would be considered trivial if noticed.
2 - Low Minor injuries, e.g. cuts or bruises.
3 - Moderate Injury causing short-term disability, full recovery probable i.e. broken bone or strain.
5 - Disabling Severe personal injury. e.g. amputation of limb.
8 - Fatal Death could occur.

Occurrence (rated 1 to 5)

1 - Improbable Very unlikely.
2 - Remote Unlikely, though conceivable.
3 - Possible Incidents likely to occur
4 - Possible Repeated incidents likely
5 - Likely Incidents almost inevitable

We help machine manufacturers and importers from around the world to CE Mark their machines, products, processes and systems.

Following the requirements of the main EU Directives such as, Machinery Directive, EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, ATEX Directive and many more European Machine Safety Legislation.

www.cemark.co.uk covers United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and Europe. Contact us for excellent CE Mark Advisory Service and CE marking.

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