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ISO80079-34 Services

Here at CE Mark Consultancy we are on the leading experts is Quality Management Systems suppport for SME's involved in the management of manufacturing quality control in support of their Technical Documentation and compliance with this standard.

We offer a range of services shown below to assist manufacturer's meet their Audit requirements through supported consultancy services, including ISO9001 support processes where there is no formal certification.
QAN/QAR Support

At CE Mark Consultancy we have experience across a wide range of industries to ensure the best advice and guidance is delivered to our clients to enable fast and effective quality management appication advice for the maintenance of their QAN or QAR.

We have worked across a range of Notified and Approved bodies as ISO80079-34 Auditors and Senior Certifiers of products and understand the complexity of transferring the technical requirements of product manufacture into a quality management system which demonstrates continued compliance.

Management Review Meetings

If you have little time to undertake these we can manageemnt and undertake them for you, with your support and deliver the minimum requirements to demonstrate that your business is on top of the management support requirements of the standard.

From drafting the meeting agenda to conducting the meetings we have the experience to deliver.

Product Vertical Audits

Having undertaken many hundreds of these to support our clients we can incorporate these within your current audit schedule, they are effective and are a full assessment of your product compliance to your technical documentation within your manufacturing framework. They can be used to demonstrate continued monitoring of your product through it's production cycle to support the requirements of ISO80079-34.

Critical Supplier Audits

This is always a challeneg to review and audit your critical suppliers, we offer a full audit service for your critical suppliers with full assessment reports compliant to ISO80079-34, if you need assistance with this just get in touch.
Ex product quality systems, and provision of QAN / QAR support services
CE Mark Consultancy is the trading name of CE Mark Technical Services Ltd. Registered in England No: 12389827.
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